Why do cats like to sit in high places?

Why do cats like to sit in high places?

In order for animals to survive in nature, they must learn to adapt to it.

Therefore, animals in the wild and forests always do many of the actions that nature dictates to them to be able to continue their lives.

But when animals move to live in the house, they sometimes carry some of the behaviors they inherited from their ancestors who lived in nature and which were necessary for them to sustain life.

Cats love to sit in high places

One of these behaviors that cats do, which they inherited from their ancestors in nature, is sitting in high places.

Cats love to sit in high places and above cupboards, tables, and doors, and you may have noticed that your cat is fond of these places and you find it sitting in it, observing in silence and attention everything that happens around it.

Even if you pick her up and drop her from this place, you will find her once again seizing the opportunity to leap and take her preferred place of refuge and safe haven.

Why do cats like to sit in high places?

We’ll show you the reasons behind this behavior so you know why cats like to sit in high places.

Elevated places mean safe for cats

Cats love to explore the house from a high place and spend hours observing everything.

This is because cats are hunters by nature, and because they take hunting as a way of life and continuity.

And when she moved to life in your home, she has not yet given up the qualities that she inherited from her ancestors.

Also, in the past, cats slept in high places to feel some safety.

So if you notice your cat likes to stay a lot in high places. It may mean that she lacks a sense of security.

Maybe because there are annoying kids in the house or because there is a guest or someone you don’t like.

Therefore, they take this place as a safe haven. Just like her ancient ancestors did.

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Why do cats like to sit in high places? For some privacy

Big cats resort to high places to get some privacy and stay away from the rest of the cats in the place.

It also happens from the mother cat. After the weaning period, the mother cat needs some rest, so she resorts to high places to escape from the young cats, to get them used to relying on themselves, and also to watch them from afar to protect them from any potential dangers.

sign of illness

Some older cats begin to withdraw because they feel very sick. She resorts to a high place to hide away from any disturbance and spend hours sleeping.

If the behavior of running away to high places is combined with loss of appetite as well as apparent emaciation, this is a sign that your cat is ill.

You should then start consulting the veterinarian and examining your cat to find out the reason for the sudden isolation.

Cats are animals that are good at hiding pain, so they hide in the belief that this will cure the disease, or because they believe that the environment around them is the cause of the disease, so they try to change it.

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