Without a trainer. Tips for teaching a puppy to poop properly

Without a trainer. Tips for teaching a puppy to poop properly

Adopting a puppy and including it in your family adds a lot of joy and fun to your life, but it also brings a lot of trouble, especially in the beginning, especially when it comes to teaching the puppy to poop properly.

And instead of using a specialized trainer to teach the puppy how to relieve himself in the right way and to spare you the troubles of this stage, here are these tips:

Catch it in the act

The dog will never be able to understand that you are angry with him because of something he did half an hour ago or even five minutes ago. You must link the reason to the result and not punish him or show your anger for what he did except in the event of flagrante delicto or within a minute and a half as a maximum of what he did.

Positive reinforcement

Better than punishing the dog for urinating in the wrong place, you should use positive reinforcement and reward him when he urinates in the right place, and encourage him to repeat the command in order to get the reward.

Take age into consideration

Puppies need to defecate after each meal, and after naps and play, and the time period between defecation and these activities depends on his age, and you can prevent him urinating in the wrong place when you anticipate the timing of his urination.


Because a puppy has a bladder the size of a fetus and limited ability to control his urination, it is important to keep in mind that he will need to urinate every 2 hours at 2 months of age, every 4 hours at 3 months of age, every 5 hours at 4 months of age, and 6 hours at 5 months and 8 hours of age. At the age of 7 months.

3 tips before leaving your dog alone at home

What are the training steps?

  • Create a schedule for the dog that includes feeding times and its activity level.
  • Choose the location of the dog’s toilet, and make sure that the dog is associated with the place through scent signals, and take it to the same place every time it needs to defecate.
  • Don’t leave the place before he urinates, even if he spends some time playing.
  • Reward him after urinating in the right place using food he likes or food for rewarding dogs.
  • Pay attention to the early signs. When the dog wants to relieve himself, he smells the ground, walks in circles on his feet, and squats in the area where he intends to relieve himself. If you notice these signs, move him immediately to the toilet area.


If the dog defecates in the wrong place, clean this place well, because the smells will attract him back to the crime scene.

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