Do cats like being hugged?

Do cats like being hugged?

 If you are like me trying to hug your cat but to no avail. All she finds is panting, screaming, cramping and a painful look in her eyes. In the end, it’s not all worth it.

Are there cats that enjoy cuddling? This question came from a friend of the veterinary clinics directory site, so we decided to ask the specialists, and we researched a lot in the behavior of cats and got an answer.

Do cats like being hugged?

Do some cats like hugs more than others?

surely! Many cats – and some breeds in particular – are very friendly and love to sit on their owner’s lap, and love to cuddle.

For example: Burmese cats, ragdoll cats, and Labrum cats are known to be social, and form strong bonds with their human and feline families.

So if you are wondering do cats like to be hugged by someone, we will answer you that yes and strongly, many cat breeds love hugs and love to sit in the hands of their owner for hours without getting bored.

Some cats even love to sit on their owners, and on their heads in particular.

How do you know if your cat likes hugs or not?

Well, you’re definitely curious now, especially if you own a cat and don’t know how good it is to be hugged and whether you like it or not.

So we will help you to identify your cat’s love for cuddling through simple questions:

  •  Does your cat run away when it sees you, or does it come up to you and sit next to you?
  • Does your cat get nervous if you try to catch it or comb its hair and run away from you?
  • Has your cat ever bit you or scratched you before?

Why do cats like to sit in high places?

If your cat is nervous, he will try to walk away or make noises when you hug him. This is the cat’s way of telling you that they prefer to be alone.

On the other hand, if he lets you hold him easily and you hear the cat purr when you pet him, he’s probably very happy with the cuddle.

What is the best way to hug your cat?

  •  First, don’t sneak up on or surprise your cat. Interrupting her, disturbing her while she sleeps, or eating her will get you nowhere.
  • Start gently petting your cat to see if she’s ready for the cuddle. Then be nice.
  • Some cats can be difficult to handle, but they just need to be handled with care.
  • Don’t pull or hold her too tightly, and leave her if she seems uncomfortable. You should also let her come to you. Some cats prefer to be affectionate on their own terms.
  • Gentle praise in a soft voice can also serve as positive reinforcement for your cat, so she’ll learn that a hug is a good thing.
  • Finally, know when to leave your cat. A short hug may go well, but if the cat starts to squirm or turns away, let it go. Then try again later when he’s more relaxed.

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