Why do cats eyes shine at night?

Why do cats eyes shine at night?

Why do cats eyes shine at night in the dark? You may wonder why your cat’s eyes shine at night, especially in dark places. We explain in detail why cats’ eyes glow at night.

Your Persian Siamese or municipal cat may seem calm and gentle during the day, nap time and while playing with it, but at nightfall you may notice the glow and luster of its eyes clearly, especially in complete darkness, which may cause you confusion and question.

Why do cats’ eyes shine at night so clearly from other animals and other creatures? And why do we notice that cats’ eyes always glow in gold or bright green?

Why shine cats eyes at night?

Cats in general have large and wide eyes if we compare them to human eyes in relation to body size. Cats’ eyes are large and wide and take up a large area of ​​your cat’s face and head.

Let us first ask you, do you know how the eye sees things? Light is reflected on the surface of things around us, so the eye catches this reflection and so we can see things.

Cats are nocturnal animals, and they are hunters by nature, so they have large eyes to help them live. This is a feature that God Almighty has bestowed upon them.

Because of the eyes of large cats, they have the ability to see better, especially in complete darkness. At nightfall, the pupil of the eye dilates greatly to collect the largest amount of light reflected on the things around it, so it can see in the dark better.

This is for the anatomical specifications of the cat’s eye, but what about the glitter of the cat’s eyes?

There is a special light-reflecting layer consisting of a highly sensitive and light-reflecting material called (Tapetum Lucidium).

This layer consists of zinc and an amino acid called riboflavin, these materials act as reflectors very efficiently.

This layer is located between the optic nerve and the retina of the cat’s eyes, and thus acts as a reflective mirror, reflecting the least degree of light emitted from the surrounding objects of the cat in the dark and allowing the cat to see easily.

This unique property of cats’ eyes is what explains why cats’ eyes shine at night. Hunting animals that hunt and move at dawn and at night enjoy this unique technology, so the cat inherited this feature from its ancient ancestors.

The secret of the glitter of the eyes of cats and other animals

The eyes of some other animals have the same feature. The eyes of these animals are designed to adapt to their environment and move freely during the night.

These animals are dogs, cows, deer and other animals that start their movement and activity at night, such as cats.

Therefore, the secret of the shine of cats’ eyes is a common secret between them and other animals that move in the dark and are active during the night thanks to this unique property in their eyes.

While animals like squirrels don’t have the same quality, neither do we humans. Because we are diurnal creatures that depend on daylight to move, human eyes are designed to adapt to bright light.

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The glow of luminous cat eyes varies from breed to breed

Most cats tend to have their eyes glow in a bright and light green color in various degrees, while in Siamese cats, the color of the glow is yellow and gold.

The degree of luminous cat eyes glow varies according to the type of cat breed, as well as the amount of zinc and the amino acid riboflavin, which is a component of “Tapetum Lucidum” that is responsible for the glow of the cat’s eyes.

Cats, for example, have more of the amino acid riboflavin, while in dogs the main substance is zinc.

Factors affecting the luster of cats eyes at night

After you know why cats’ eyes shine at night, it remains to be known the factors that affect the soreness and shine of cats’ eyes that shine.

  • One of the most important factors is the age of the animal: the older the cat, the less its ability to see, and therefore the color of the eyes begins to fade and the eyes do not become as bright as they did before when he was a young cat.
  • The second factor is the color of the cat’s fur: cats with a bright white color and blue eyes may have their eyes glow red in the dark, and the reason for this is due to the blood vessels inside the eyes that reflect light and appear in this distinctive red color.


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