Dogs have a memory similar to that of small children.that’s why

Dogs have a memory similar to that of small children that's why

A recent study conducted by the University of “Otvos Lorand” in Hungary revealed that dogs may have a good memory like young children, as they can remember something they did an hour ago and repeat it when asked to do so, which means that they are smart in understanding and remembering what they do during the day, depending on what they do. The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported.

How A Dog’s Memory Works

The researchers trained 10 dogs to obey commands or perform tasks and then do it again when told to “repeat” and found that the dogs could repeat the commands on another day without being asked.

The researchers waited for the dog to do the same thing spontaneously, and when they said: ‘Repeat’ after 20 seconds, 9 of the 10 dogs did the same thing again and after a minute, 7 of them did it.

The authors of the study, published in Scientific Reports, said this shows that dogs are aware of their actions because even they repeat those commands they were not trained to do and only when told to “repeat”.

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“This does not come from training, but from dogs being social animals that have now evolved through hundreds of years spent with humans in a complex environment,” said lead author Dr Claudia Fugaza from Universit√© Hauts-Lorand.

In another study published in the journal “Science” in 2016, scientists confirmed that dogs have a greater ability to understand than we imagine, and they can process language differently and tone of voice in a way similar to what humans do, according to what the brain scans of dogs showed in this study.