Why Does My Cat Meow So Much?

Why Does My Cat Meow So Much?

Cats meowing can be annoying to many cat breeders especially because we do not understand what cats want to tell us by meowing.

The most common causes of frequent cat meowing

Frequent meowing of cats can be a sign of illness as well as a sign of the health and well-being of our beloved cats.

It depends on the way the cat meows and the way its body moves while meowing.

The cause of cat meowing may also be related to the cat’s age and developmental stages.
But as cats grow and age, the meow has different and varied causes

So we will explain to you the most common causes of frequent cat meowing and how to deal with it.

Cats meow to attract attention

Cats are very social animals, and with their frequent attachment to their owners and their love for them, they begin to express their love in various ways.

One of the ways that cats use is to meow to attract the attention of their owners to their presence.

Have you ever noticed while you were sitting watching your favorite movie or you were talking to your family loudly and laughing and then you found your cat started to meow and look at you suddenly?

At this moment the cat tells you that she wants to share with you and draws your attention to her presence.

Cats feel jealous when they are neglected by their owners, so one of the reasons cats meow is to draw your attention to their presence

And this meow has a certain and distinctive tone. If you are friends with your cat enough, you will be able to distinguish it easily

The second cause of cat meowing is disease:

Although they are animals that do not talk, sudden and frequent meows associated with certain actions may be an indication that your cat is ill and needs to see a vet as soon as possible.

An example of this is when a cat meows a lot while urinating or defecating.

Meowing loudly as if crying and sometimes as an announcement of pain during urination or defecation indicates that your cat has urinary retention or severe constipation.

Meowing in this case is a clear indication that he feels pain from defecation.

Therefore, you must determine the causes of cats meow and their association with certain actions and act immediately on it.

Why do cats make weird noises?

Cats meowing may occur due to starvation:

Have you ever found your cat meowing badly when you eat a certain food?

Perhaps you eat a delicious meal of meat or chicken and find your cat has come next to you and started licking you until you give it a bite of your delicious food?

Cats meow very distinctively when they feel hungry, as announcing their hunger and requesting food.

If you forgot to feed your cat or you gave her food she did not like, and she neglected it, you will find it at the earliest opportunity to meow in a certain way until you give it food from what it eats.

Also, if you are late in providing food to your cat, you will find a very distinctive meow that is different from any other sound.

A cat’s meow for food is often loud as a call to you to remind you that you’ve neglected them.

The meow in the mating season .. The meow of the male cat or the female cat in the mating season

One of the most popular types of meowing among cat breeders is the meow during the mating cycle in cats.

The meowing of females during the mating period is characterized by that from the depths of the throat, the meow appears as if she is dying or has swallowed something that harms her.

The meow is accompanied by the cat rolling on the ground and raising its rear when touched, in a clear indication of the request to mate.

Cats use meow to greet you

Cats express love and care by meowing in a warm, affectionate voice because they feel your love for them and share your love and want to announce it through the cats meow in a certain way.