The benefits of pets and their impact on human health

The benefits of pets and their impact on human health

Keeping pets improves your health and keeps you alive:

We’ve heard a lot about pets’ many roles and sacrifices in order to save their owners and their lives.

Although we hear about these sacrifices a lot, they have a great meaning in the love, loyalty and devotion of these animals.

Once you own a pet, whether it is a dog or a cat, it is considered a noble and worthwhile business that will save your life.

Scientists mention that the benefits of pets and their impact on human health are great, there are 6 benefits that pets can save your life from fatal diseases, and significantly improve your overall health.

The benefits of pets and their impact on human health

Relieve anxiety and tension:

Do you suffer from anxiety and nervous tension?

If so, your dog can relieve you of this tension quickly by going with you on a trip to wander and entertain yourself.

It will also give you a lot of love and noble emotions, and provide you with a mental mixture of psychological comfort and psychological serenity.

Some researchers have proven that when pet owners do a stressful task, they are less stressed when they take their pets with them than when they take a spouse, friend, or other family member.

Pets not only relieve stress, but they are also useful in treating post-traumatic stress.

This is a destructive state that causes anxiety, exhaustion, and tension and makes its owner flee from reality or engage in internal psychological conflicts and become very sad.

Animals have shown a significant improvement in the condition of people with this condition.

Pets lower blood pressure:

Dogs have an effect similar to the effect of exercise in controlling blood pressure, as they both do this task with ease.

Some researchers at the University of Minnesota have proven that cats and dogs reduce the risk of heart attacks by 40%.

It also reduces the risk of death from heart disease by 30%, so it is beneficial for general health.

Reduces cholesterol and harmful fats in the body.

Benefits of raising pets at home

Pets help reduce the level of cholesterol that clogs the arteries and is the harmful fat that causes heart disease.

Especially with men because they have more pets than women.

The American Heart Association has indicated that dogs greatly help to make their owners healthier and better and contribute to improving their lifestyle.

A recent study of more than 5,200 adults showed some surprising results.

These results are that dog owners who share their dogs walking and physical activity are less susceptible to various diseases.

Especially diseases related to high fat and cholesterol, of those people who do not own dogs or any pets, and these people are more likely to get sick by 54%.

Reducing pain intensity:

If you suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis, migraines, or any other illness, your pet can be the medicine for you.

A recent study found that patients who meet pets after undergoing surgery require 50% less pain medication than other patients with the same condition.

Another study of 84 patients with muscle pain found similar results.

These results are that when the patients sat with the dogs for only 15 minutes before visiting the doctor, they said that the pain became lighter and less severe than before.

Unlike patients who did not interact with dogs, researchers recommended the use of dogs to relieve the pain of patients in hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Helps treat depression and sadness:

With antidepressant medications and other treatments, pets can greatly relieve depression.

Where pets always need constant care, attention and attention, it is a great responsibility that requires positive focus and gives importance and value to the lives of people suffering from depression.

The daily routines and schedules of animals have other advantages for depressed people, and animals in general relieve loneliness, isolation and depression.

Aside from just being distracting, pets also boost the hormones of comfort, peace, and tranquility.

Studies and research have shown that just having a dog or cat next to you helps boost serotonin and dopamine levels.

And two of the chemicals in the brain that are entirely responsible for depression, if you are a pet owner and do not suffer from depression, you must thank your pet.

Reduce sensitivity:

In recent years, several recent studies have found that children with allergies and asthma improve by 50% when exposed to dogs and pets.

Also, children who live in a house full of pets have a stronger immune system compared to children who live in homes without dogs and pets.

This is explained by the fact that there is something in the soil of homes full of dogs, and this thing helps to prevent microbes that cause allergies and asthma.