Do Siamese Cats get Darker with Age?

Siamese Cats get Darker with Age

It is true that Siamese cats do get darker with age, but it is not always a bad thing. Some would say that the darkening gives them more depth and a more mysterious appearance, which can make for quite the attractive pet! For others though, their changing fur color can be annoying to maintain, like when they have to shave their cat every day. Simply keep in mind what works best for you and your particular cat.

Hair Color

The most obvious thing you will notice about Siamese cats as they get older is their hair color. As they age, the tabby markings over their body begin to fade and they develop deeper black-brown spots. This is especially true on the face, where the cat’s black masking marks mature into a rich dark brown.

Eye Color

One of the most common things that people notice about Siamese cats as they get older is their eye color change. Their eyes also become more copper-like, developing a deep copper-red tint that really draws in attention when it catches you by surprise. This change is more prevalent in male Siamese cats, but either way you can be sure that it won’t happen until they are older.

The Siamese cat breed


As a Siamese cat ages, their tail also darkens, but not as dramatically as their face and body. The tail will go from a light brown to a darker mahogany color over the course of their lifetime. This happens because the black color on a cat’s tail and around its eyes will actually deepen in color as the cat ages.


Even though Siamese cats are known for their long beautiful coats, they do not turn completely black as many people would suspect if asked about this topic before researching it further. In fact, they do not get darker at all, instead retaining their original color. This can sometimes be quite disappointing to those who were hoping to see a totally black cat, but this is not something that you will have to worry about if you decide to adopt an older Siamese from a shelter.

Hair length

The appearance of the fur on your Siamese cat as he ages will also change. As their coat gets older, it will begin to grow more sparse, so that it begins falling out in clumps. This is not something that you can take too seriously though and should only be considered a minor change in appearance.

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