EASY Tips to keep dogs clean

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easy Tips to keep dogs clean

Hygiene is one of the most important things that helps protect dogs from diseases and maintain their health to ensure that they have a long life away from diseases and viruses that they may contract and eliminate.

Therefore, we must take care of cleaning the dog from time to time to prevent the spread of germs and diseases and cleanse it of parasites and bacteria that are stuck to it, and hygiene also helps the dog to get rid of the unpleasant odors that are present in it.

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When you clean your dog, you guarantee yourself and him a healthy and safe life away from diseases and infection, and today we will give you a set of tips to keep dogs clean, especially while bathing.

Use the right shampoo for cleaning

You must consult your veterinarian about the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for cleaning dogs, we cannot use regular shampoo to clean dogs because their skin is different from human skin, which is thin and not thick.

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Therefore, good types of shampoo should be used to have an effective effect on the dog’s skin, especially if the dog suffers from several problems and multiple skin diseases such as skin itching, infections and dry skin, and it is not necessary to use conditioner to clean the dog’s fur. We can only clean it using shampoo only Unless the dog suffers from dry hair, in which case it is recommended to use shampoo.

Use warm water to clean dogs

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When bathing your dog, be sure to use warm water to do so, making sure that the water is warm and not hot so as not to cause harm to the dog, and taking care to put cloths or carpets under the dog during the bath to ensure that it does not slip and be harmed during the bath.

It is also recommended to bathe the dog in an open place, especially during the summer when the weather is sunny, because of the wonderful benefits for the dog.

Gently clean the dog

When cleaning the dog, make him feel safe by placing your hand on him during the shower so that you make him feel calm and reassured and so that he does not move and slip during the bath and cleaning.

You must also make sure that the dog’s teeth and nails are clean and that he does not get injured, with constant care to use soap and sponges in the cleaning process because the dog enjoys that and his anxiety and anxiety decreases during the bath whenever he feels comfortable, safe and cared for by his owner.

Using different cleaning tools to clean dogs

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You must prepare the dog’s bathing tools well to be fully prepared for this, and these tools are soap, shampoo, towels of all kinds, brush, ear cleaner, nail clipper and other tools that are indispensable in the process of dog hygiene.

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You can also use a hair dryer if you want to dry the dog easily, taking care to prepare a medical cotton to put it in the dog’s ear to prevent water from entering it, and the sponge and lotion should be prepared to clean and disinfect the dog well.


There are a lot of things that are done to keep dogs healthy and clean them well, and these things are to do a brushing of the dog’s fur and styling his hair well to make sure that there are no unhealthy curls.

We must also take care to massage the dog to maintain its health while taking care of trimming the nails, which are a natural reservoir of toxins and bacteria, and making sure to wash the body and face well and remove shampoo and soap completely, and we must take care of drying the dog using towels or a hair dryer, or we can go out with the dog for a run Walking to ensure the natural drying process of the dog’s fur and to maintain its health by doing useful sports activities and exercises.

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