Tips to prevent dogs from getting periodontal disease

Tips to prevent dogs from getting periodontal disease

Tips to prevent dogs from getting periodontal disease

Despite the nature of the dog’s mouth and teeth, which are very different from their shape and composition, he may develop gum disease if we do not protect him from them.

Where doctors advise the need to pay attention to brushing the dog’s teeth to impede the growth of bacteria and not cause the destruction of the bones and structures supporting the dog’s mouth.

What happens when you neglect to clean the dog’s mouth and teeth?

When cleaning the dog’s mouth is neglected, it is normal for bacteria and germs to accumulate in his mouth every time he eats.

And thus the bacteria enter his bloodstream and cause him diseases, as it takes about 20 minutes for the bacteria to enter the dog’s digestive system through the bloodstream.

Normally, the various immune systems, the spleen, and the liver help clean the blood of bacteria.

5 facts you should know about dog saliva

Pets with serious illnesses or autoimmune diseases are more likely to be infected and spread the bacteria in their body.

A doctor who specializes in canine dental care says that periodontal disease can affect dogs from the age of 8 years.

Therefore, she always needs continuous medical follow-up and immediate treatment of gum disease at the veterinarian who specializes in her case.


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