Common cause of dog hair loss

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The Common cause of dog hair loss

The problem of hair loss is one of the most ugly problems, whether this problem is in humans or animals, and there are many pets that are subject to hair loss, such as dogs, and this happens for several different reasons that we will learn about with you today in this article.

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It is a problem that all pets face, but from It is possible to confront them and avoid doing the habits that cause them, as they happen because of many things that we should know so that we can treat them easily. These reasons are as follows:


One of the most important things that lead to hair loss is allergies, especially severe allergies that require exaggerated scratching of the skin, which leads to hair loss, as well as when the dog is allergic to fumes and exhausts or is allergic to any other pungent smell in this case the dog’s fur falls dramatically.

Also, hair will fall out if the dog is infected with fleas and insects that live on its skin and cause its hair to fall out profusely.

skin ulcers

Skin ulcers also lead to hair loss in the different areas where these ulcers are located. These ulcers occur in dogs when pressure and friction increases on a part of the hairy parts of the dog’s body, which leads to hair loss.

Diseases and infection

There are many diseases that a dog may suffer and cause his hair to fall out, such as Crushing disease, which affects the dog and causes its hair to fall out and its skin to darken significantly. She becomes infected with mites or scabies, which leads to hair loss.

Malnutrition causes dog hair loss

Malnutrition and the lack of giving the dog foods that contain vitamins leads to hair loss and small size, so care must be taken to feed dogs and provide them with the iron, important elements and useful vitamins until the hair follicles are nourished.

You must pay attention to the nutrition of dogs and know the beneficial and harmful foods for them so that you can keep your dog’s hair from falling out.

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Dogs also get dandruff just like humans, and this problem has a simple solution, which is to bathe the dogs and take care of their cleanliness continuously, taking care to bathe the dogs with warm water, soap and good shampoo, and dry them well after bathing and massaging their body.


There are some types of dogs that suffer from genetic baldness that cannot be cured and therefore suffer from significant hair loss.


All these reasons and more may be a major cause of dog hair loss, and we can avoid this by increasing attention to dogs and giving them more medical care. And supplying it with important elements, especially iron, which is responsible for the growth of dogs’ hair and not falling out.

The veterinarian should be visited from time to time to check on the dogs’ health and that they are not infected with any disease that causes them harm or causes their hair to fall out.