Why Is My Cat Growling?

My Cat Growling

It’s always difficult to know what is going on in the mind of a cat. Despite popular opinion, cats don’t growl because they’re angry; it sounds more like a deep cough to us.

Cats can make a sound

Cats can only make a sound through their voice box, which is why they typically growl with their mouths closed and when they are not sure of the situation or who is around them.

Some cats will also emit an infuriating meow if trying to wake up someone who has fallen asleep on their back, but at this point, you should probably bring your kitty in for a checkup to make sure she isn’t choking or having some sort of medical issue that can be treated quickly.

The meaning behind a low growl

The meaning behind a low growl is simple: The cat is unsure of what he is hearing, or in this case who, and wants to be left alone until he can figure it out.

In the wild, cat parents will issue a warning growl when they feel their cubs are in danger.

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The mother will also use a warning growl when she is trying to tell her kittens to stay away from her if she is sick or injured and the kittens are getting in the way.

Likewise, your cat could be irritated with another pet or stranger.

This can easily be solved by redirecting your kitty’s attention with some playtime or showing him that you’ve removed the threat (such as removing another pet from the room).

cat is playing then suddenly issues a low growl

If your cat is playing with you and then suddenly issues a low growl, it’s probably just a form of encouragement.

Some cats may even purr at the same time.

If your cat is lying next to you on the couch when he suddenly growls, it might be because he is trying to tell you that he needs some more love or attention.

growling is nothing to worry about

In most cases, growling is nothing to worry about and can simply be stopped by asking your kitty to stop or redirecting his attention.

However, if your cat has started to growl while playing (or while eating) this could be an indication that she could possibly turn aggressive in the future.

If your kitty is playing with another of your family’s cats, he could be showing dominance over them.


If the cat has started to growl at you while you are in the room, it could mean that she is stressed out and needs some sort of intervention on her behalf.

If a stranger comes to the door while you are home with your kitty, this could be a sign that something else might be going on with her.

oftentimes cats become aggressive when they sense danger or feel as though they are in danger because this can reinforce their natural instinct to protect themselves.

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