How To Apologize To A Cat?

How To Apologize To A Cat?

When you’re looking to apologize to a cat, it can be helpful to have some pointers on what’s appropriate and what isn’t.

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For example, if you realize that your kitty has been left alone for hours or had a dirty litter box for too long, you’ll want to start by catching them and giving them a little attention.

You should avoid apologizing for being gone for one hour when the cat has been left alone for days.

How To Apologize To A Cat?

Follow these simple guidelines in order to make up with your kitty quickly:

Clean the box

Be sure to clean the litter box immediately after apologizing, and then again that evening.

If your cat has been fighting with another pet in the house, your apology must be accepted before you start giving your cat more attention than their rival.

Tell your pet that they’re a good kitty over and over again. Do this as often as is necessary for you to feel like you’ve made up.

Provide Food

Provide a whole lot of food and water for your cat before you apologize for not feeding them for a few days.

Long walk

Take them on a long walk to make up for lost exercise time. Let them enjoy running freely outdoors without worrying about being attacked by neighborhood cats or dogs, traffic, or other harmful dangers.

Invite your cat to play outside with you. Give them some toys, and let them enjoy the sun on the open patio or grass.

SAY I Love you

Say “I love you” at least twice before apologizing.•- Always say sorry first and then ask for forgiveness, never the other way around.

Look your cat in the eyes and speak calmly, but also with the firm conviction that you mean what you’re saying: “I am very sorry if I caused any distress or harm to you. I love you.”

Be sure that your cat won’t be able to attack you while saying sorry. If they are, make sure to use something like a large book or phone book in order not to get injured.


If you think this might be a problem for your cat, try to find some way of apologizing through a small opening such as under the door or through the crack of the door.

Make sure that you are able to say all that you want to say before opening the door or otherwise exposing yourself by letting them out of their room.