Top 5 Meanest Cat Breeds

Top 5 Meanest Cat Breeds

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), cats are most of the maximum famous pets withinside the world. If you’re thinking about including a cat in your family, right here are some matters to hold in mind. Cats are regarded for his or her playful and affectionate nature, however a few breeds are extra competitive than others. There isn’t anyt any one meanest cat breeds obtainable as every one has its personal persona and temperament. Learn approximately every of the top 5 meanest and maximum competitive cat breeds below.

1-Savannah Cats

Savannah cats are very sweet and affectionate, but this is one of the most dangerous cat breeds. Savannahs are large, heavy cats that can weigh up to thirty pounds, so they can cause quite a lot of damage with their claws and teeth when they get overly affectionate during their kitten stage.

Their personality changes when they reach adulthood, so you should keep the kitten around for at least four years to determine if this kitty will remain nice or not. If you decide to buy one of these cats, make sure that it is properly trained.

2-Asian Oriental Shorthair

Oriental cats are very intelligent, but they are also very independent. If you decide to get one of these cats, make sure that you are not too eager for affection, or they may see it as your weakness. These cats are great at hunting mice, but they also do well in households with children. As long as you don’t try to cuddle them too much in their kitten stage, then the adult Asian Oriental Shorthair will remain nice to you in adulthood

3-Somali Cat

Just like its name suggests, the Sahara is a desert cat, native to the area between Egypt and Somalia. The breed looks sleek and regal, with thick fur that protects it from the hot sun. When not sleeping or lounging in the shade of a tree, these cats are fierce hunters.

The Toyger, the tiger cat

4-Abyssinian Cat

With its black coat and rosette on the back of its head, an Abyssinian resembles a small lion more than it does a house cat. The breed has long been associated with royalty because it is believed that Mary, Queen of Scots owned two albinos (the rarest cat color).

5-British Shorthair Cat

The British shorthair cat is simply one of the most beautiful breeds around. When you see one, you know it’s an aristocrat. The British shorthair coat is sleek and smooth to perfection, with no stripes or patches.