The Toyger, the tiger cat

The Toyger, the tiger cat

In miniature, The Toyger is the physical replica of a tiger. It also has its power, its elegance, while being an adorable pet.

It is a cat still rare in Europe because it appeared recently and its race is still in the course of evolution.


Size : 22 cm to 25 cm
Weight: 3 kg to 7 kg
Hair: short
Color: orange with black stripes (tabby brown mackerel)
Life expectancy : 10 to 15 years
Gestation period : 63 days

Description and characteristics of the Toyger

With its dress with black vertical stripes on an orange background, the Toyger is the physical replica of the tiger of which it has not only the appearance but also the walk. His coat is soft and shiny. Even his head resembles this fawn. His muscular body gives him an athletic look. It has a long, thick, and rounded tail. The Toyger has the particularity to meow louder than other cat breeds.

Origin of the Toyger

The Toyger was born in the United States in the early 1980s. It was created by an American woman, also at the origin of the Bengal, who wished to have a domestic cat with the physique of tiger. The Toyger is the result of a cross between the Bengal and a domestic cat whose dress resembled that of the tiger.

Tuxedo Cat Personality

It is a cat whose race is not yet completely fixed because it is very recent. Recently in 2006, (LOOF) in France the Official Book of Feline Origins, Toyger was recognized as a new breed.

Lively, intelligent and very affectionate, the Toyger has many qualities

Character and behavior of the Toyger – Who is it for?

Lively, intelligent and very affectionate, the Toyger has many qualities that make him an ideal companion. He adapts to all living conditions, to children as well as to adults, and also to other animals. It is a very sociable cat that accepts willingly people outside its family. The Toyger particularly appreciates being surrounded and likes to feel protected.

He needs owners who are as lively as he is, with whom he can play and exercise.

How to care for your Toyger: his needs

Even if it adapts very well to the life in apartment, the Toyger is a cat which needs to spend itself. He can be walked on a leash. Its short hair does not require any particular maintenance except a weekly brushing.
The Toyger is a cat that needs to exercise

The Toyger’s diet

The Toyger’s food must be of good quality and especially be adapted to its age, its state of health and its physical exercise. It is recommended to favour food rich in proteins.

The health of the Toyger

Lastly The Toyger has a good health and does not pose particular problems. But its recent appearance as a race does not allow yet to have enough hindsight to detect diseases, in particular genetic, which could affect the Toyger.