The Primary Differences Between A Feral And A Stray Cat?

Feral And A Stray Cat

A feral cat

A feral cat is a cat that has been abandoned or lost and is living wild. Often, a feral cat will roam around in search of food and shelter. A stray cat on the other hand is typically one that has never been domesticated. Cats can be categorized as either feral or strays depending on how they were initially introduced to the world.

Characteristics of feral cats

Feral cats have an inherently better chance of survival because their instincts allow them to hunt for food and survive in harsh weather conditions, which are both problems most domesticated cats would struggle with. Feral cats also have superior hunting and hunting skills due to their years of life spent outdoors.

stray cat

A stray cat was most likely brought up domestically and would never be able to survive on its own because of its unfamiliarity with the wilderness. In order to survive, a stray cat would need help from another person or animal. A stray cat is also more likely to suffer from diseases and parasites as it lacks the immunity from the environment as wild cats, canines, and felines have.

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The domesticated breeds do not need to spend time grooming themselves like a feral cat does, therefore allowing them more time outside for hunting and playing. Strays are also more likely to settle down in an enclosure than a feral cat is.

similarities between a feral cat and a stray cat

There are many similarities between a feral cat and a stray cat. Both of them have to face all of the same issues that come with living in the wild, however. There can be circumstances that make feral cats more likely to become strays than strays becoming feral cats.

If you feeds stray cats, they are more likely to stay with their caregivers as opposed to remaining wild. The same can be said for pet cats who stay with their families.


Both people and animals may take control over stray and feral cats in order for them to live more comfortable lives than the ones that they would be able to survive if left on their own. In many cases, stray and feral cats are put down.