the maine coon cat breed

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The Maine Coon cat is one of the most famous types of cats around the world

There are some types of cats that you will get to know for the first time
Cat lovers like to call him the lion cat because of his great resemblance to the king of the jungle, glory be to God!
Does Maine Coon ever deserve the title of King of Cats?
As usual, we review with you in this article the most important characteristics and features of this interesting cat

the origin

It is known, according to the internationally known encyclopedias, that there is no information about the first origin of the Maine Coon cat. However, most researches concerned with the origin of this species have suggested that the Maine Coon is a cross between the American domestic cat and the Turkish Angora cat.


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The Maine Coon cat, compared to the The Persian cat or the Siamese cat, only the Maine Coon is very large and huge and has thick hair in the neck just like a lion, as well as a very beautiful shape and a large and prominent head.

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What distinguishes this type of cat is that it is strong in structure and this makes it a very high endurance, compared to other types of cats, the cat cannot tolerate the low temperature for that, he has no fear of staying in a place without a roof.
In addition to this, he is a very friendly and intelligent cat who also loves to play, especially if he is in the mood. And this is not all about the Maine Coon cat, he is also a skilled hunter of house mice and about eating. He prefers to eat meat and fish , and additionally establishes a very strong friendship together along with his owner.


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