8 strange myths about cats

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8 strange myths about cats

Strange Myths about cats are common and people believe they are true. Myths about feline are broadly believed by human beings.

Today we will learn about the 8 strangest myths that people believe about cats that you should not believe.

1-Black cats bring bad luck

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This belief is very popular and widespread in many countries of the world.
By following this topic, we found that there are countries that believe that black cats are a bad omen, while some consider them to bring good luck and good omen.
Many people think that a black cat crossing your path is an omen of bad luck, while in Japan they think the opposite.

In Germany, for example, they believe that a cat walking in front of you from the right to the left indicates that there are bad events awaiting you, while in the case of a cat walking from the left side to the right, it indicates that beautiful times await you.

Many Italians believe that black cats jumping next to the bed of the sick person indicates that the time of his death is approaching, on the other hand, some believe that the person will recover soon.
In Scotland, they believe that black cats sitting on the doorstep is a sign that the people of the house will get plenty of money. In China, this is a sign of near poverty.
And all of these myths that we mentioned earlier are far from true, and black cats are nice and friendly like the rest of the cats, and we must accept them like other cats without racial discrimination.

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2-Cats purr only when they are comfortable

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Many people think that cats only purr when they are happy.
Cats generally purr when they are happy and when they want to get your attention and this is not all because they also make that sound when they are not feeling comfortable or feeling sad.
Now you know why your cat purrs?
That’s why when you hear your cat purring, try to find out the real reason, not what other people think.

3-All cats hate water

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There are many cat breeds that do not like water, and scientists explain this behavior by the fact that the cat’s coat does not dry until after a long period of time, and the wet coat is uncomfortable for cats because it makes them feel cold.

Also, some cats come from the desert, where it rarely rains, so it is natural that they do not like water.
But this does not mean that all cats hate water.
There are cats that are allergic to water and there are many cats who have less sensitivity or love water a lot, such as the Bengali cats who like to play with water and drink it directly from the bathtub, in addition to the Ragdoll cat who likes to jump and share the bathing process with you.
Maine Coon cats also love to swim, as their presence in the water with their huge body is very interesting.

4-Cats have 7 spirits:

Many people think that cats have seven legs, especially when they see cats sometimes fall and do not run.
This belief is one of the most common myths of people about cats, and it is completely wrong. Cats, like humans, only have one soul.
Cats that die don’t come back.

No one knows the source of this belief except for some interpretations that trace back the source of this belief to the era of the ancient Egyptians, where they considered cats to be sacred animals possessing supernatural powers. It is worth noting that there is no document that proves this.

5-Cats always fall to their feet

Photo by svklimkin on Unsplash

When cats fall from a high place, they fall on their feet, because they have a flexible body that helps them control their body during the fall. This flexibility helps her fall on her feet.
But this does not always happen, because sometimes they also fall on their back and this is why we see thousands of cats who have received injuries from falling from a high place.
So don’t think that cats will always fall to their feet.

6-Cats can see in complete darkness

Many people think that cats can see in complete darkness.
But this is just a myth because cats are very good at seeing in low light because they have a thinner cornea and their iris opens wider than we can. But it cannot see in complete darkness.

7-Cats are nocturnal creatures

This perception is one of the common beliefs among people. Cats, although they see in dim lights, does not mean that they are nocturnal creatures. They run and play when the light is available and sleep when there is no disturbance.

8-Cats hate other cats

Many people think that cats hate other cats, but believe me, these are just myths.
Cats are social animals, and have no objection to living with other cats in the same household.
And cats can make friends even with other animals, such as dogs, you just have to get used to their presence and not differentiate between cats in attention because cats are jealous.


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