How do I make my cat happy: signs of happiness in cats

How do I make my cat happy: signs of happiness in cats

If you are a cat owner and breeder, you will surely always ask yourself how do I make my cat happy? Of course, you feel happy with your cat and always try to provide everything necessary for that. but the language of cats may differ slightly.

Cats express their feelings in more complex ways than the direct ways dogs express their happiness.

If you are interested in pets, you know that the dog will wag his tail when he is happy .. But in cats it is completely different.

There are many signs that your cat loves you and expresses its love to you, and we explained them in detail in this article: How do I know that my cat loves me and signs of love in cats

How do I make my cat happy?

In order to make your cat happy, you must satisfy her desires and needs. If you notice that all her desires have been fulfilled, she will definitely feel happy with you and do not want to leave you.

But in order to make your cat happy, you can follow these steps:

1- Does your cat accept food and have an open appetite?

If your cat’s appetite is good. She eats and drinks regularly and does not complain about the food offered to her and devours her meals on time, for sure she feels happy with you.

But excessive appetite may indicate a problem like lack of appetite for food.

2- Is your cat in good health? This is one of the signs of happiness

Taking care of your cat’s health is an important part of making sure she is happy with you.

Because any suffering, even minor, may harm your cat physically and psychologically, and thus will affect its mood.

3- The distinctive purring of cats: “Cats’ purring”

One of the most famous signs of happiness in cats is the sound of purring or purring that they make when they feel calm, comfortable and happy.

Have you noticed that your cat suddenly jumps up and sits on your chest while making a purr-like sound?

This sound indicates the cat’s feeling of comfort and happiness near you, as it is one of the cats’ ways of expressing their happiness.

4- Her love for playing and jogging on a daily basis

Does your cat suddenly run around, play ball, chase flies, hide behind furniture and jump on your feet?

This is one of the signs of happiness in your cat.

Cats play, run, and chase when they are happy and content. Playing is one of the signs of well-being in cats, so if the cat is sick, you will not notice that it is playing or chasing.

5- Cats often rub their bodies on your feet when you come from outside

Cats are masterful in welcoming those they love, and one of the signs of expressing their happiness at your arrival is rubbing their body on your feet.

Cats when they love someone, they always want to make him their own, so they rub their body in you until their scent becomes in you all the time.

They make signs by smell This is generally the way animals express their ownership of things.

So, if you notice that your cat is sticking to you permanently, this indicates that she is very happy with you.

6- Sleeping a lot is one of the signs of happiness in cats

Cats sleep on average 16 hours a day intermittently.

So, if you notice that your cat sleeps a lot, this indicates that it is happy and reassuring at home.

7- Cats clean themselves. And sometimes clean their friends too

Clean cats are happy cats, say experts in cat behavior.

A cat is a grooming animal that loves to brush and lick its body all the time.

Why do cats lick their body? Did you know that this process stimulates the secretion of endorphins, a hormone responsible for happiness and calm, so when you notice this habit of your cats, this indicates their feeling of happiness?

Your cat may also lick your hands and feet sometimes while cleaning itself, if your cat does this, this indicates that you are considered a part of it, and this is the highest degree that cat breeders can reach with their cats.

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How do I make my cat happy?

These were the most famous signs of happiness in your cat, which you should always achieve permanently.

Cats may express their happiness to you in other ways, such as closing their eyes slowly, playing with you, sleeping next to you, and other signs of expression of love.