6 Reasons Why we love dog so much

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If you ask any dog lovers in the world “Do you love your dog?”, he will say that he loves dogs more than anything in this world. All dog owners know this to be the truth.
But have you ever wondered exactly why all dog owner love their companions?
According to the APPA(American Pet Products Association) more than 54 million U.S. families own more than 77 million dogs.

Humans bond emotionally as we look into each other’s eyes. In one latest study in the journal Science researchers observed that the same hormone related to passionate love and maternal love, will increase in both doggy and their owners when the two species gaze into every other’s eyes. They located that mutual gazing expanded oxytocin degrees, and sniffing oxytocin increased gazing in puppies, an effect that transferred to their owners. And in another latest research confirm how canine can increase mental health and decrease stress.

why we love our canine companions SO much?

When it comes to the reason why we love this smart, loyal and trustworthy creature there are an endless cause to love them.
Dogs are pack animals and naturally seek alliances with other creatures (dog, people, cat and different animals). They still have an instinct for friendship, making them the ideal companion.


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A canine will in no way bite the hand that feeds it. They are loyal and trustworthy, more loyal than some human beings. You can usually faith that they will guard and protect you.
A canine’s instincts are in no way wrong, so in case your canine would not like a person agree with his feel, you need to never trust someone your canine doesn’t like.

They’re adorable

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There are such a lot of lovable and wonderful breeds that you can own, irrespective of what form, coloration, or size, are difficult not to admire and love, from Pomeranian, German Shepherd to Chihuahua and St. Bernard.

They Comfort Us

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Dogs are unbelievably sensitive to human facial expressions, frame language and odor. When you upset and feel really down emotionally, your dog will appear by your side, they will do everything inside their doggie powers to attempt to help you feel better.

They love cuddle

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Dogs love to cuddle with their owner, they wait at the door when they know you’re coming home to jump and cuddle you.
Cuddling is important for canine Because it creates a bond between you and your dog. it’s impossible and IRRESISTIBLE for you to resist cuddle them.

Workout buddy

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Dogs like to be active with you. They’re always hoping to go out for a walk, run, swim, play and practice anything with you.
And since they need to be walked daily, they maintain you in shape!

Our best friends

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Dog Love Us and care us unconditionally, they are prepared to sacrifice and risk his own life for your life, just to protect the humans they love.


In the end just like human being all canine wish is to be loved. Dogs love human especially their owner unconditionally and we also love them back. They not only our best friends, dogs turn into a part of our families.