24 Reasons to Love A Cat

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There are many reason to love cat, it is lovely creature fluffy and gentle, but with a spark of extreme alertness of their eyes that attracts us to their unique potential to go from pet to predator. They have a spirit of adventure. Cats are independent, they like interest and they also like to be left alone. They’re easy to take care of and wonderful to have around. Cats are good for everyone.
Human being saw the kittens and thought they were cute and petted them and cuddled them. The Ancient Egyptians worshipped a feline Goddess called Bastet represented as half woman, half cat.

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‘A cat that takes an interest in his or her surroundings is generally a happy cat,’ Says Vicky Halls, consultant and author of a chain of first-rate-promoting books on cat behavior. They will wander around during the day, settling in a variety of sleeping places, and will dip in and out of your life, without following you every step of the way. Also, they will rub around your legs, then give you a look with half-closed eyes and a slow blink, which is the equivalent of an affectionate feline kiss. ‘If you want to be their best friend, you have to understand their body language,’ continues Halls. This means if you have a cat, you have “earned” the cat’s love and respect.

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Reasons why you need to love a Cat?

When it comes to the reason why we love this gorgeous and elegant creatures there are an endless reason to like and love them.

  • They’re ADORABLE and cute.
  • They are soft to touch and very nice for petting.
  • They purr.
  • They are so funny and smart.
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  • They can stay at home alone for long periods as long as they have food and water and a clean can pan.
  • They are less demanding they are independent as we mentioned before, you don’t have to walk the cat.
  • Cats are self-cleaning so their body are always clean, they are one of the cleanest animals.
  • Cats walk very silently around the house, they are quiet.
  • They are funny they can turn almost anything into a toy and enjoy it.
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  • One look into the tiny eyes of a kitten and your heart melted away, Kittens are the cutest and wonderful things in the world.
  • One look of them relieve stress and anxiety and make you happier.
  • Petting Cats can help you to Reduced Stress and anxiety Levels.
  • Without cats, World probably would be sadder, melancholic and unhappy.
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  • That stretch when they first wake up from a long nap.
  • They pretty much sleep for most of the day, sleeping even if you walk over them.
  • They can eat the same food every day without complain.
  • Cat used meow used to communicate and tell people something, there’s a meow for “food” , “water”, “I missed you”, a meow for “opus I did something wrong “, there’s one for “wake up it’s 6”,one for “I need a sleep”, “leave me alone”, “I want to play”…  All those different kinds of meows caused people to begin meowing back at them.
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  • When you wake up in the morning, your cat jumps up on your bed to cuddle you.
  • Cats are elegant creatures from how they sit with their paws to the soft stretches they are effortlessly classy and elegant.
  • They are weird and unpredictable you never know what they want one minute they want to play with you the next minute they want to take nap, sometimes they want to climb they love to look at the world from high spot.
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  • If you introvert and alone a cat is an excellent company, they often insured that you’re not lonely, they give you unconditional love, they crawl under the covers and cuddle you, they will sit in your lap and give you warm.
  • They can teach you how to handle rejection.
  • Cats are elegant creatures from how they sit with their paws to the soft stretches they are effortlessly classy and elegant.
  • They chase laser lights, ball, strings…

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