7 Ways Cats Show They Love you

Image by Uschi Dugulin from Pixabay

Life is not fun without a cat; they are more than our beloved pets.
Cats love their owners more than we know, but they behave strangely in showing love and affection. Pet lovers especially cat lovers try to give cat as much love in return.
Unlike any pet cats are incredibly subtle; they show love in multiple ways.
In the cat world there are many various ways to gives affection and show love to humans.

Signs Your Furry Friend Show that they Love You

Here are some of the way cat show love to you.

Show you their belly

cats belly
Image by mrs. pandora from Pixabay

They throw themselves in front of you and show you their belly, it is a sign that mean they are excited, happy, comfortable, and that they trust you and feel safe with you.
Don’t forget to scratch your kitty’s belly to show love in return.

Head Rubbing

cat head rub
Image by Ana_J from Pixabay

When your cat rubs their head, cheeks with you it’s a sign of affection and love.
It sounds weird but yes, your cat take care of you. For them it’s like you are a member of their family.

blink at you slowly

cats eyes
Photo by Ramiz Dedaković on Unsplash

When cat make eye contact with you for longest time and slowly blinks at you, it means that trusts you.
It is also a referred to “kitty kiss” it is a common cat behavior.

Bringing you GIFT

cats gift
Image by Flensshot from Pixabay

Yes, when your cat loves you, they often bringing or hunting gift for you, they still have natural hunting instincts.
They may catch everything from simple toy to a mouse. This is how they show you loyalty and love.

Sleeping on your lap

cat sleep in lap
Photo by Chris Abney on Unsplash

Cat choose to nap where she feels secure, since they are typically sleep up between 14 to 16 hours a day.
Sleeping on your lap mean that your fluffy buddy feels secure when it is close to you, and you’re a great pillow and a beloved human.

Licking you

orang tabby cat licking
Photo by Valeria Strogoteanu on Unsplash

Licking help cat to relax, reveals trust, and they do not lick only themselves.
Big Momma’s cat used to lick little kittens as an act of tenderness, kindness and affection.
When they lick you, they try to tell you about their tender feelings and mark you as an important member of the family.


cat bite
Photo by Alberto Bigoni on Unsplash

Sometimes, they may bite to hard as if it was some kind of toy or meat.
But don’t worry, this just another weird and strange technique to express affection and show their love.


cat love
Photo by Ramiz Dedaković on Unsplash

Although cats show love and affection to humans in several ways.
They may come running into you, follow you anywhere even to the bathroom, sitting on you and beside you, jumping on you and shoving you while you sleep.
All these strange playfully Ways are often very annoying and uncomfortable for you but remember this is all because your cat loves you, so be careful and don’t be rude that you show love and affection in return.