20 Things If Cats Could Talk, Could Tell Us

funny cat could talk

Most of us have pet and I don’t think I’m the only one that’s whenever I look at dogs or cats or any other pets for that depend, always wondered what in their mind and what they may be thinking. It’s been proven that cats and other animals sense feelings. For that reason, if cats could talk, they’d probably say a number of the subsequent things.

Pet lovers people, especially the cat lovers know how awesome this creatures and how they complicated, so if you asked any cat owner if they wish their cat could talk I’m pretty sure that the majority would be very happy to speak and communicate with their cat.

what if cats could speak and communicate?

If cats could talk and communicate, they’ll let us know when they want interest or if they’re hungry, however what else could our cats inform us if they might communicate and talk like human?

picture by : pixabay

“You could always sleep during the day as I do, so why do you get mad always while I wake you up?”
“I am right here, just so you know.”

“By observing my tail, you can learn a lot about me.”
“I love to go to the neighbor’s apartment”

picture by : pixabay

“Please don’t disturb me I need my sleep!”
“The service in this place sucks.”
“I just realized that I need to scratch!”
“I’m absolutely good at grooming myself I don’t need a bath!”

MCO ViVo king mainecoon cat
Instagram : MCO ViVo

“I came from a long line of royal cats. I have no time for your nonsense games”
“I’m a cat. Bow to my awesomeness.” 
“You certainly should go out more and leave me alone in the house”
 “Clean my cat pan!
Because I used it once and now it’s gross.”

cat eat hungry
picture by : pixabay

“I don’t like tuna anymore WAIT!  Is that salmon on the counter?”
“Feed me. Did I mention that I’m hungry?”
“Why have you left me alone all night time with no meals or ear-scratches or attention?”
“I want to climb! I like to look at the world from high places.”

pet domestic cat play
picture by : pixabay

“Where’s my favorite cat-toy?”
“I will reject any cheap toy”
“So, don’t even THINK about bringing a dog in here”
“Do dogs stroll on leashes because they don’t realize where to move, or due to the fact they don’t have meaning in their life?”

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