Why do cats make weird noises?

Why do cats make weird noises?

Cat purring is the most common sound that cat breeders hear in different periods of their lives, in addition to the cat’s meow distinctively and differently in every situation they go through.

If you have recently raised a new cat, you may notice this strange sound that the cat makes from its chest or stomach, which is similar to the sound of a fan or the sound of muffled snoring from inside the chest.

Why do cats make strange sounds?

New cat breeders believe that this sound indicates illness or fear of cats and this is a common mistake.

Sometimes cats can purr when they are happy, so you may notice that your cats make this sound when sitting in the sun during cold winter days or after eating a delicious meal of their favorite food.

But it cannot be considered that the sound of cat gurgling is an indicator of happiness and satisfaction only, and it does not mean that your cat should make this sound when it is happy, as cats make this sound for various other reasons.

Why do cats make weird noises? Cat purring and its causes

As we explained to you, this sound, which is called the sound of cats purring or the sound of purring, is issued by cats in different situations. To express different feelings, we mention them to you as follows:

1 – The sound of cats purring in a state of happiness and reassurance

If you notice that your cat feels safe and comfortable, lying in the sun on cold winter days, or playing under the air conditioner on hot summer days, and you patted her and felt a gurgling sound from her, this is definitely because she feels happy and reassured.

These are the happiest times for cats, which is why they feel the distinct sound of cat gurgling.

2- The sound of cats purring when they feel hungry or ask for something

There are some cats that purr when they are hungry or at their daily mealtime.

Some cat behavior experts have studied the sound that domestic cats make when feeling hungry and compared it to the sound that cats make when they are happy and found that it is completely different.

When cats want to tell you that they are hungry, purring or purring will be combined with a distinctive meow sound, such as a child’s crying, so that you can easily distinguish it.

Even if you are not a cat breeder or used to its sound, you will easily be able to tell that this sound is like crying that tempts you to offer food to your cat.

3 – The sound of gurgling in kittens

Kittens make this sound when they are a few days old, because they want to tell the mother cat that they are okay and feel comfortable and full.

Also, kittens make this sound to increase the bond with the mother cat, as this sound increases compatibility rates between kittens.

4- Why do cats make strange sounds? Cat purring can be a sign of extreme stress

Although many people do not know this fact, cats sometimes make a gurgling sound when they feel pain or feel very afraid, so they do so to reassure themselves or to reduce their feeling of tension or pain.

Also, some special research that explains the behavior of cats and their behavior indicates that it is possible that this characteristic purring of cats helps them recover from diseases faster.

Experts believe that this purr has a low frequency that causes a vibration inside the cat’s body that does some things, including:

  • Treating wounds and aiding bone healing.
  • Building muscle and repairing tendon problems.
  • ease of breathing
  • Reduce pain and inflammation.

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Some experts also believe that for this reason cats can recover from falls from high heights after surgery without serious complications, unlike, for example, dogs.

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