Signs tell if you are a DOG lovers

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Dog are humans’ closest companion, they are loyal, adorable and trustworthy we all love our dogs, and we all love to see our pooches happy and joyful.
In case you’re not a dog lover, you may never comprehend the passion we share with our canine companion. Dog is our family member.
This article is dedicated to all the dog lovers out there.

You know you’re a canine lover when

All dog lovers have certain things mutual signs, we’ve collected several signs if it applies on you, then maybe you are a crazy dog lover.

Did you ever skipped making your bed because Your pooch friend gets most of the bed? or you have no trouble on sharing your bed with a big canine?
It’s OK don’t worry we understand you; almost 45 percent of dog owners allow their canine to share bed with them and they don’t want to bother their furry faced little pet when they are sleeping.
There’s not a single thing charming than a dog sleeping on your bed.

You love to spend a lot money on your dog than you do on important thing.
Buying to him everything, when your dog has more collars and leashes than you have shoes.
Certainly you love to spoil him a lot, sometime you go to shopping until you find yourself you buy to your fluffy little friend a new thing.

Dog party birthday
Image by markito from Pixabay

You constantly celebrate his birthday and you invite your dog lovers’ friend with their canine companion.
When your phone or camera filled with pictures of your canine more than a picture of humans.
A friend or a family picture is not complete without your pooch -dog-.
You love to take photo for him and share them on social media with your friend.
When you treating your dog as if he is part of your family you even go further and you treat him like if he is your baby, and his comfort More Important Than Your Own.
You love to share everything with your pup from bed, Pillow to food.

dog lover
Photo by Colton Kresser on Unsplash

Dog love once in a while to lick your face.
When you kiss your dog a lot now and then. even if some people see that like a disgusting thing.
You adore to Cuddle him a lot.
You Changes your voice when you speak with your dog or if you ever See a cute Puppy in public.
It’s not surprises that occasionally you prefer your dog over people, and you love spend your time with him than go out.
You love to go for a walk with your dog.


In conclusion we would like to say there are great number of signs show you are dog’s lovers; it’s truly owning a canine is changing your life.