Cat breeds that love to steal! Get to know them

Cat breeds that love to steal! Get to know them

In their appearance and appearance, these breeds of cats may seem very innocent and calm at first sight, but in fact, these breeds are among the most breeds of cats that love stealing, especially stealing your private and valuable tools and constantly chasing you.

Of course cats do this out of instinct and not out of stealing, in the end they are innocent and beautiful animals and they smoke their instincts without thinking.

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Your cat may lay his eyes on your special items such as your shiny gold necklace, perfume bottle, or anything, and these cats also love to pounce on mice, birds and any small thing that moves as well.

So always be careful on your personal tools of these breeds, especially those shiny and luminous tools because they attract the attention of cats in abundance and make them covet to steal them.

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In the following, we will learn about 4 cat breeds that love to steal and have a bad reputation for stealing their owners’ personal items.

American Bobtail cat breed:

American Bobtail Cat breeds that love to steal

The American Bobtail breed is considered one of the gentle and beautiful breeds with an attractive appearance. It is characterized by being one of the most famous types of hunting breeds, and it is also a breed of breed with a very distinctive tail that attracts attention.

Although this breed is distinguished by its huge tail, it does not prevent it from searching and excavation and does not slow its movement at all.

There are many shapes and colors of these breeds, so we find that they differ in size, length and color, and their fur is similar to rabbit fur in its softness and beautiful texture.

What are the favorite activities of the American Bobtail breed?

One of the most important activities of this breed is playing with shiny chains and stealing bright and shiny things in the house and wandering in different places.

So always keep your shiny, luminous, and valuable personal items hidden in a place where the cat can’t see it and can’t easily reach it.

Bengali cat breed:

Bengali cat breed

The Bengal breed is characterized by many wonderful qualities in terms of shape, intelligence and attractiveness, as well as high energy and a great ability to carry out activities that require great effort.

The Bengali cat breed is a very intelligent breed and has a great life experience, and its behaviors express its intelligence that enables it to do multiple things unlike most other breeds.

No matter how much you treat these cats with affection and love, they will steal your personal items and any shiny piece of your personal jewelry and these cats don’t apologize for doing so.

These cats usually also hide your jewelry in places that you can easily reach, so we find that you put them in a special place in the house that you do not know and do not reach.

Munchkin cat breed

Munchkin cat
Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash

The Munchkin is one of the smallest of the jewelry theft cat breeds.

The most characteristic of the Munchkin cat breed is that it has short and athletic legs that enable it to walk and run very quickly and move around the corners of the house with ease.

This breed focuses on stealing things and placing them in secret hidden places, as well as collecting small and shiny metallic objects with their paws and placing them in the same place.

Did you lose your gold necklace? So take a look under the sofa or pillow, your cat could have put it in these places.

Pixie Bob cat breed

Pixie-bob cat

This cat is distinguished by its strong muscles and high physical ability, and this breed originated in the Pacific Northwest.

At first glance, many may mistake the cat’s true personality and characteristics due to its large size and strength.

However, they soon discover the truth because of what they see of the affection and love enjoyed by this cat, as he manages to disarm their strong weapons towards him through his skills, paper and funny behaviors.

But one of the interesting characteristics of this cat is that it is a breed of cat that loves to steal. So if you own this breed, expect him to steal your shiny and luminous gadgets or guests’ gadgets.


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