10 amazing facts about cats You Probably Didn’t Know

Private: 10 amazing facts about cats You Probably Didn’t Know

10 amazing facts about cats You Probably Didn’t Know

Cats have a variety of abilities, this makes them have a unique personality compared to other pets and often surprise us with some strange behavior, so we decided to provide you with ten information about cats that you may not know in order to help you understand your cat better.

1.Most cats are lactose intolerant

Most cats are lactose intolerant
Photo by Beatris M. on Unsplash

Although pictures and clips of cats drinking milk invade everywhere on social media, in fact feeding them milk is not a good thing.
During the lactation period, the kittens’ body produces an enzyme called lactose. This enzyme is responsible for digesting lactose, which is present in mother’s milk. After weaning, the production of lactose decreases gradually, as the cat’s body begins to prepare for solid cat meals.

Some may say that milk does not cause any problems for my cat, and this saying is very true and the reason is that cats that have not stopped drinking milk since their childhood usually drink milk does not cause them any problems, but most adult cats cause some damage to their digestive system.

2.Cats do not taste sweet food. Important information about cats:

cats sweet food
Photo by Anastasiia Rozumna on Unsplash

While humans have more than nine thousand taste buds on the tongue, cats have fewer than five hundred.
Cats’ ability to taste flavors is very limited, and in return they can taste other flavors that humans cannot taste.

3.She uses her body language more than meows.

cat body language
Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

It is currently estimated that cats can emit up to a hundred different sounds and they use these sounds to communicate, whether with humans or with other animals, and despite this large number of sounds, they use body language mainly to express their feelings and desires. Set of gestures and expressions

4.She has more bones than humans.

A healthy cat has about two hundred and thirty bones, unlike a human who has only two hundred and six. This rich skeleton makes the cat’s body more flexible as it can pass through narrow paths and jump higher

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5.She buries her excrement in order to hide it.

Cats bury their droppings in order to hide their smell, this was helping the newest to avoid predators because they lived in the wild and also so that they would not come into conflict with competing cats, and although domestic cats are not exposed to these risks, they continue to bury their droppings and this made them more beloved to the hearts of her lovers

6.A cat’s nose is its own imprint.

cat nose
Photo by Leonardo Pascual on Unsplash

Each person has his own fingerprint, and cats have their own nose print, as it is impossible to find the same design in another cat, and also they have a beautiful and distinctive nose that increases the magnificence and beauty

7.Cat whiskers have important functions:

The whiskers of cats are not just whiskers that grow on their face, but rather they act as sensors that help them in the cognition process, and allow them to detect predators that threaten their lives and also help them determine where other cats control, so that they avoid entering into direct conflict with them and more other functions

8.Cats do not see gradations of some colors:

The eyes of cats do not contain the cells required to determine the shades of red and pink, but they can determine the shades of green, yellow and even blue

9. If you are the friction considers you belong to her:

Cats contact people and things for different reasons, they do this for the purpose of leaving their scent on the things they own, including even the people who live with them, and also this behavior indicates affection and trust

The last of ten facts about cats

10.She Kneads For You Because She Loves You

Kittens, when they are young, do the kneading movement of their mother’s breasts in order to stimulate milk production, and when they do this to their human friends, they express that they are comfortable and enjoy living with you because this behavior gives them a sense of pleasure.


These were 10 facts about cats, you may not have known or knew some of them.
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