5 mind blowing facts about cats

5 mind blowing facts about cats

5 mind blowing facts about cats

Cats are one of the closest pets to humans, and this is because they have a fun personality that makes them add a fun and funny atmosphere to the house.
The children also love her very much because she likes to spend many hours of her day playing and having fun.
You don’t have to have a cat to benefit from the Facts About Cats topic.

A mother may eat her young:

Cats mind blowing facts
Photo by James Johnson on Unsplash

The mother cat eats her children if she feels that there is a threat to their lives, thinking that she will protect them if she returns them to her stomach.
Where they were the first time before they left this world, it may sound disgusting, but the truth is that the cat loves her children more than herself and is willing to pay with her life to save them.
It is true that this habit has almost disappeared because the cats that live in the house do not need to eat their young because the house provides them with security and food, but this behavior still occurs sometimes with cats that live in the wild.

Cats eat grass

Cats eat grass
Photo by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash

It is common among people that cats eat grass, and whoever keeps a cat or has previously raised it knows this well, and some may wonder what is the motive for eating grass, especially since cats are carnivores?
Cats, due to the daily cleaning of their fur, swallow against their will large amounts of hair that accumulate in their stomach
And the grass is the catalyst for the process of vomiting, which cleans her stomach from the remains of hair and bones that she was unable to digest.

They can tell what a person feels:

cats can tell what a person feels
Photo by Humberto Arellano on Unsplash

Cats can tell what a person feels, especially what their close friends feel
You can tell your mood by reading your facial expressions or your tone of voice and if you want to try this?
When your cat makes a mistake, say “no” to him loudly and you will see that he will understand that you are now angry and he may change the room immediately until you calm down or come and ask him to forgive you, and in return talk to him with meekness and kindness and you will see that he will be very friendly and gentle with you.

She cleans herself up to 6 times a day:

Cats clean themselves up to 6 times a day, and this makes them one of the cleanest creatures on earth, which was proven by a study conducted on humans, cats and dogs, and cats were the cleanest of them, due to the nature of the cat’s tongue, which contains bristles that help them in the cleaning process.
The saliva of cats contains more disinfectants than other animals.

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She hates eating hot food:

Cats hate eating hot or very cold food, while they tend to eat moderately hot food, which explains why cats do not want to eat food that they have been through for a long time while it is on their plate.
It is not recommended to put a large amount of food on the plate at once so that it is not considered spoiled from her point of view.


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